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Join us on Sunday 9/30 at 7:30pm in Tustin, CA for the Ascension sound bath experience.

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Sound Bath & Healing Sound Alchemy Pre-Launch on Sunday July 29th at Love Dome in Venice, CA 7-8:15pm.


Los Angeles Infinite Energy album release party at MANDALA, Santa Monica: Friday April 13, 2018

7 singers, 7 chakras: Album release, Infinite Energy on march 20th at the legendary belly up in san diego, CA

The Sound Healing Symphony September 30th 8-11pm in Los Angeles

The Sound Healing Symphony at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco 9/25/17


It is with great pleasure and extreme gratitude to all of you who have joined and supported me on this fascinating journey of creating Dolce Ardor- The trip-hop opera. I have worked tirelessly for many, many months on this projectI am elated and feeling so thankful to every. single. individual who has joined me on this tremendous of journey of bringing Dolce Ardor to life. Dolce Ardor would not have blossomed in this way if it weren’t for all of YOU: our 200+ funders, my amazing team and all of the loving fans, family and friends who have helped create such a strong foundation and who came to celebrate with us at the Dolce Ardor Los Angeles Premiere Party and San Diego Launch Party! Much love to you all, siempre! Bisous!

Only in LA can you sit and watch a globally celebrated half naked UV body painted opera vocalist on yoga mats in a living room style setting. Fucking love this town! That was special. You are a special talent. Thank you.
— David Bianchi



!Amor! I was so happy I could be there. Your energy and ALL the love you have for the world was shown to everyone that was lucky enough to be there. Your artistic voice is so pure and beautiful. Te quiero mucho. ¡Un beso!
— Remigio Ortiz



I’m glad I came. You seem to have some pretty good people around you too. DTO seems pretty great. He believes in you and it shows. You really have a powerful voice. It caught me off guard and kinda surprised me a little...😆 You are this petite-ly packaged woman with such volume... it gave me chills. Can’t say that that’s ever happened before...
— Chris Perreault
Fue un placer! Gracias Andrea! You are so supremely talented! Because you are so humble I didn’t know how much! I’m a huge fan and look forward to your continued success and creativity unfolding. Thank you for sharing and for the inspirational words!
— Milicia Stamenich

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Andrea Sáenz, a Colombian native, began acting and singing during middle school and throughout high school. By her college years, she had founded The University of Connecticut’s record label, Husky Entertainment. Upon graduating from college, Andrea began her involvement in the world of motion pictures and worked on the Uma Thurman film, “The Life Before Her Eyes.” As a leading actress she has worked on films spanning an array of genres including dark and melancholic David-lynch style films,  black comedies, and action/horror feature films featured on NBC’s Chiller Network.

She is a classically trained singer, actress, sound healer, versatile dancer, a gifted linguist/educator, and producer who has performed in renowned venues in both Los Angeles and New York City including The Rich Forum, The Metropolitan Theatre, Cathedral of our Lady of Angels with The LA Opera, Walt Disney’s concert hall’s REDCAT Theatre and Club Nokia just to name a few.

Andrea feels it’s important to delve deep in all facets of artistry and education in order to fully understand her mission, her essence, and her duties as an artist. She has learned the delicate work of alchemizing venom into anti-venom as she has transformed her pain into passion. Stay tuned for up-coming musical releases, films, artistic/educational retreats and live performances.


I did enjoy Andrea Sáenz’s portrayal of a bad-ass police secretary very much. This is what the movie needed more of: an actress that could deliver lines with ease as well as a swift kick to the head. No one else was able to match the fun and professionalism of Ms. Sáenz’s performance.




Music has a universal way of healing in profound ways! I have learned the art of alchemizing pain into passion.  My art will always and forever be my most potent anti-venom! My vision is to inspire all and every generation to turn pain into passion and become accomplished alchemists!

In my latest project Dolce Ardor, I am resurrecting a gem of an aria from the 18th century and bringing it to life under a new light and lens.


"Ay Linda Amiga" performed live in the famous 3rd street tunnel in Los Angeles, CA.  Shot and edited by: Skyxross

It all started when...

Singer/Actress/Producer Andrea Sáenz began studying classical music at the tender age of 16 and as she furthered her studies and continued exploring colorful genres, her quest to manifest a melange of classic opera with a dichotomous musical counterpart manifested. She approached composer DTO to create an exotic fusion of an aria from an opera dating back to 1770 intertwined with trip-hop and electronic beats. This specific aria was composed by Alexander Gluck a contemporary of Mozart, which tells a story of passion, pain and ultimate transformation. 




WINNER AWARD OF MERIT "BEST MUSIC VIDEO": Music Video Competition for Other Venice Film Festival

WINNER AWARD OF MERIT "BEST MUSIC VIDEO" London International Short Film Festival

WINNER AWARD OF MERIT "Bronze Award" F.A.M.E.'US International Film Festival



The idea is to bring this aria to life with elements of the 1700's when it was presented for the first time in Vienna. We will take you on a journey back in time creating an inter-blend of 18th century elegance with an ultraviolet experience. The story follows the quest in search of true love by the central character played by Andrea Sáenz. The fire that fuels her throughout the quest is represented by the rich piano melodies played by DTO. She appears adorned in full 18th century attire, but as her quest becomes increasingly urgent and the dichotomy of passion and pain escalate and collide, she then begins to literally dismantle before the viewers’ eyes. She is left with no choice, but to seek within and bathe in the fountain of her origins. The story culminates as the central character emerges anew in new-found divinity and freedom.


the official dolce ardor music video


The Campaign Video

The Making of Dolce Ardor




clásica y Electronica: Una artista Colombiana arriesgada

~ADN, El TIEMPO: BOgotá, Colombia



Trip-Hop Opera Ensemble ‘Dolce Ardor’ Premieres in Los Angeles

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Dolce Ardor Fuses 18th Century Elegance With Blacklights in Their New Trip-Hop Opera

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Entrevista en español con el apasionado periodista Carlos Quintero



My interview with the enigmatic Linda Summers, TV/Radio Show at Conscious Talk

"Wow! What a powerful show we had with Andrea Saenz and Dave DTO Kemp today! They were excited to announce the release of The DOLCE ARDOR project: An exotic fusion of an aria from a 1770's opera with an accompanying Music Video."


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Mucho amor, siempre! Bisous!

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